Degenerate/regex pattern Database Searching Software

Will Fischer wfischer at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Tue Feb 18 10:39:00 EST 1997

Harry Mangalam (mangalam at uci.edu) wrote:
:    Before I spend more than few hours on coding this, does anyone know
: if it exists?
: To wit:  A program (any platform) that will search files or databases
: ...
: Also, if this isn't available already (freely or not), is anyone (else)
: interested in this sort of thing?

Other folks who are in general interested in "that sort of thing" are
writing perl modules for biosequences:  check out their web page at 

Perl has excellent regular expressions and _was_written_to_be_ a
glue language, so should serve your purposes admirably.  Also, the
folks writing the modules should be more knowledgable about previous
efforts similar to your interests.

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