Degenerate/regex pattern Database Searching Software

Ashok Aiyar aiyar at ebv.oncology.wisc.edu
Tue Feb 18 12:48:06 EST 1997

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997 17:25:19 -0800, Harry Mangalam <mangalam at uci.edu> wrote:
>To wit:  A program (any platform) that will search files or databases
>very degenerate sequences (with errors) and will further do proximity
>matching on those hits that are returned.  

Take a look at Ross Overbeek's "scan_for_matches".  I think it will
do exactly what you want it to.

Available from ftp://info.mcs.anl.gov/pub/futures_lab/CAVE as

Ashok Aiyar, Ph.D.
McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research
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