Angelo Capizzi acapizzi at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 17 15:38:24 EST 1997

SORRY if this isn't the proper news group for my Question!
   I've got a problem which is preventing me from playin any games, I
can't get my joystick working. I've had this problem with my current
controler, and also a Microsoft Sidewinder.  I install the software and
do the setup as per the instructions. The current controler is a Total
Control Virtual 		Joystick.Control panel...Joystick... 
tells me that "The joystick isn't connectedproperlly"  
         I'm attempting to use the joystick port on my SoundBlasterSound
Card (The other joystick port isn't connected). 
     As far as I can tell the drivers are there.  
The following is the info from Control Panel...Joystick:	
	only one tab; "Joystick"	
	Calibrate and Test are greyed out.
Info from Device Mngr...Sound Video + Game Controlers:	
	Game Port joystick properties	
 			Status: working properly			
			Device usage: Original Config is checked	
        		   "      "	"   vjoyd.vxd		
		Resources: I/O range 201 - 201			   
	    		Basic config 0			   
	    		No conflicts
     On top of the controler there is a red light,which is supposed to
letyou know that it is connected properly and of course it is on!

	Thank you once again      Flash   acapizzi at earthlink.net

P.S. how do I find the MIDI and Sound Effects card port addresses? When
setting up DOS games I'm asked for this info..Thanx

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