Approximate Water Treatment in MD

Gerald Loeffler Gerald.Loeffler at univie.ac.at
Mon Feb 17 15:58:35 EST 1997

Dear Simulation Experts!


Which kind of approximate treatment of water in MD-simulations of
solvated systems have you used or do you know of?


The inclusion of many explicit water molecules in the MD-simulation of
solvated systems guarantees the most detailed description of hydration
effects, and is the most natural way of simulating a solution.
However, this method is notoriously wasteful in terms of CPU-time, if
one is not interested in the water itself but only in the effect of the
water on the solute molecule.

In an attempt to account for solvation effects in a computationally
cheaper way, approximate descriptions of water have been developed.
Usually, these water models are based on some sort of continuum model of

My question is, what computationally cheap treatments of water have
people actually tested in MD-simulations, and how did these water models

Thank you very much in advance,

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