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Athel athel at IR2CBM.CNRS-MRS.FR
Mon Feb 17 05:27:19 EST 1997

Why do you want "to make a very fancy and elaborate web page"?

Will it convey your message more effectively than a simple and
straightforward page will do? Don't you find that things that blink,
animated images etc., are mainly just a pain in the neck? Moreover, you
can't control what browsers people use, or what operating system, or
what size of screen. A page that looks beautiful on your screen may come
out as a complete mess on the user's. The more fancy and elaborate the
original, the more likely this is to happen.

However, assuming you really want to do this you need to learn HTML as a
minimum, and, depending how fancy and elaborate you want to be, probably
CGI and Java as well. Programs like PageMill are quite useful for making
a first draft quickly, but nearly every article I've read confirms my
own experience that you will always want to edit the result. To do this
you need to know HTML.


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