Utility for freeing more disk space? (NOT file-compression!!)

The Drivel Master! chas7777 at ix.netcom.com
Sun Feb 16 18:07:15 EST 1997

On Sun, 16 Feb 1997 15:44:53 -0600, Ron Badour <rwbadour at texas.net> wrote:

>Myopsis wrote:
>> I heard something about a utility that can free up a lot of wasted
>> disk space (frees space allocated to but not used files i think (but
>> i'm not sure))... BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT THE $#@% IT WAS!!  Anybody
>> got an idea?  Please email me at myopsis at juno.com --- I've got about
>> 500MB wasted by file allocations right now... if that program will
>> free it up i would be grateful.....
>>                 Thanks
>Perhaps Partition Magic is what you're thinking about.  You can set
>multiple partitions and reduce the cluster size which then cuts down on
>the amount of slack (wasted space) you have on your drive.
>Ron Badour
>San Antonio, Texas

Partition Magic Site:


The Drivel Master

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