The standards of medical statistics

Vassili P. Leonov point at statleo.tomsk.su
Sat Feb 15 00:30:19 EST 1997

                         Dear colleagues!

      I work in Tomsk State University (Russia, Siberia) and
   more than 10 years I be busy in the statistical analysis
   of data in medicine, biology, psychology, ecology and etc..
   In these years I have collected large collection of examples
   of misuse of statistics in the dissertations and articles.
   Their analysis shows, that most of all errors in use of statistics
   is observed in medicine and biology. Especially it is bad when
   it is observed in medical work. Errors in use of statistics in
   medicine resultin errors in methods treatments of the ill people.
   On my sight such situation is result absence of the standards
   on application of methods of statistics in medical researches.
   Same promotes and absence in Russia of similar the standards at
   registration of the dissertations and journal articles in these Areas.

       I shall be grateful for any information how is solved this problem
   in USA, UK and as a whole in WHA. It would be necessary to hear opinions
   the members International Society Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB), Harvard
   School of Public Health, biostatistics from Harvard University, Oxford
   University, Georgtown University, Leiden University and etc..
    Centre of Applied Statistics Stat-Point
    Vassili P. Leonov
    E-mail: point at statleo.tomsk.su

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