James Knight's search package?

Gary Williams gwilliam at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Feb 13 09:01:04 EST 1997

Did I miss the announcement of this database search software's release?
Did James Knight finish it?
Where is he now?

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> Subject: ANNOUNCE:  SEQIO, Version 1.2 is now available
> Date: 1 Jul 1996 02:23:16 GMT
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> For those of you who were at ISMB'96 and to whom I promised that both
> this package and my new database search algorithm would be available
> last weekend, the database search algorithm isn't ready yet.  (I still
> haven't gotten the hang of the difference between estimates for "down
> the hallway" software, i.e. software written for the folks down the  
> hallway, and real product quality software.)  However, it will be
> ready soon.  Certainly, by the time my post-doc runs out at the end of
> July.
> For those of you who weren't at ISMB (or who I didn't tell about my
> database search algorithm), I've developed an alternative to FASTA and
> BLAST that should produce Smith-Waterman quality alignments, i.e. the
> same alignments you'd get if you ran the full-blown Smith-Waterman
> search, but with the speed of FASTA and BLASTP.  (It will probably
> take me until the next version of this program to get to BLASTN
> speeds.)

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