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Martin Pion mpion at ARTSCI.WUSTL.EDU
Wed Feb 12 14:01:32 EST 1997

Dear Kjell and fellow Netters,

May I add the following blatant bit of promotion to this thread, while
admitting up front a pecuniary interest? Unlike a used-car salesman,
however, I can promise you that this is factually correct.  ( }:-)

1. You can download a free demo. of the latest Windows version 2.7 of Fig.P
directly from http://www.biosoft.com/biosoft/demos/fw27demo.exe - I just
did to check. Alternatively, I'd be happy to mail you a copy.

2. You can also see a screen shot of an eight figure page, created entirely
using Fig.P Win, the second figure being a good example of what is called
"Clean Scattering." To view it go to

3. "Variable Offset" is one of the many powerful features offered by the
program and is straightforward to use. It is applicable to Scattergrams.
The X-data and Y-data "Graphic offsets" are changed from "Constant" to
"Variable" in the appropriate dialog boxes, and the columns in which the
X-offsets and Y-offsets are to be entered in the worksheet defined. An
"Automatic Scatter" dialog box allows the entry of "Center-to-Center
separation" and "Max. no. points on each row" and the program does the
rest. Some trial and error may be necessary to get the desired effect, but
this illustrates the method.

4. Existing DOS users of Fig.P can get a discount when obtaining the
current Windows version.

I hope this is helpful. There may be other programs out there with similar
capabilities but I'm not familiar with them.


Biosoft, PO Box 10938, Ferguson, MO 63135.
Tel: 314 524 8029  Fax: 314 524 8129.

At 5:24 PM +0100 2/12/97, Kjell Madsen wrote:
>Carla Kuiken wrote:
>> I'm trying to produce a scatter plot with a few labeled values (like
>> years) on the X axis, and a lot of numerical values on the Y axis. Many
>> of the points have the same X and Y coordinates. I'm looking for
>> software that can plot these next to, instead of on top of, each other.
>> I have an ancient DOS program called FigP that used to do this, but it's
>> given up the ghost. Unix, mac or PC are OK, although I prefer PC
>> software. It doesn't have to be free either. Thanks for any suggestions.
>> Carla Kuiken
>There is a Windows version of FigP. I found it several years ago in a
>catalogue of
>scientific software -- don't know if it still on the market. The company
>used to
>have a website:
>but it didn't work when I tried it today.
>Another program that might solve your problem is GraphPad Prism. It is not
>as flexible
>as FigP but much easier to use. There are versions for both Windows 3.1
>and Windows 95 / NT
>I hope this is helpful
>Kjell Madsen

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