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Kjell Madsen kjell.madsen at eu.pnu.com
Wed Feb 12 11:24:05 EST 1997

Carla Kuiken wrote:
> I'm trying to produce a scatter plot with a few labeled values (like
> years) on the X axis, and a lot of numerical values on the Y axis. Many
> of the points have the same X and Y coordinates. I'm looking for
> software that can plot these next to, instead of on top of, each other.
> I have an ancient DOS program called FigP that used to do this, but it's
> given up the ghost. Unix, mac or PC are OK, although I prefer PC
> software. It doesn't have to be free either. Thanks for any suggestions.
> Carla Kuiken

There is a Windows version of FigP. I found it several years ago in a catalogue of 
scientific software -- don't know if it still on the market. The company used to
have a website: 


but it didn't work when I tried it today.

Another program that might solve your problem is GraphPad Prism. It is not as flexible
as FigP but much easier to use. There are versions for both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 / NT


I hope this is helpful

Kjell Madsen

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