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Frank R. Gorga gorga at next.duq.edu
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> Is this possible?
Of course, most things are possible, its usually a matter of time and/or
money (the two usually being directly related!)  ;-)

> Anyone know of a source of foot pedals that can interface to a serial
> port?
I would suggest that you consider using a "game port" (i.e the place
your kids connect up a joy stick). The serial port is essentially a
digital device, and you would need to be very careful in desigining an
interface (in order to keep unwanted voltages and currents away). The
game port is essentially an analog device (actually a low resolution
analog to digtal converter) and all of the hard part is already done.
Remember that joy sticks have buttons (switches). These buttons are
usually used for launching projectiles, but closure of these switches
can be used to signal anything. It should be easyy to take a foot pedal
switch used for controlling a stenographers tape player and replacing
the plug at the end of the wire with a joy stick connector.

> Has anyone written serial interface software to do this?  Where?
I would doubt that the software exists, but reading data from either the
serial port or joy stick port is quite easy in *some* languages (e.g.

> Thanks much in advance for your help.

Any time, I hope this helps.

-- Frank

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