What is your favorite patch-clamp hardware/software?

Francis L.Burton gpaa29 at lenzie
Mon Feb 10 05:06:01 EST 1997

I don't know what my favourite hardware/software would be
if I was still working in the patch-clamping field. I used 
EPC-7 with analysis software I wrote myself -- it got the
job done.

The most impressive system I ever saw was ISO2 which was
demoed by its creator M. Friedrich at the 1993 IUPS meeting
in Glasgow. It was (is?) a fast multitasked system allowing
simultaneous voltage pulse generation, digitization and
display. It had a pretty comprehensive set of analysis 
functions. The main flaw in the design was its dependence
on particular a A/D and high resolution display card, though 
that allowed it to leave the competition in the dust in
terms of performance.


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