Windows: sequence analysis

Christine Dumas cdumas at lynnon.qc.ca
Mon Feb 10 09:06:47 EST 1997

Ed Rybicki wrote:
> Hi - we have recently started to use DNAMAN from Lynnon Biosoft up in
> Canada; it is remarkably full-featured (if a bit idiosyncratic), and
> will do multiple sequence alignment, translation, dna frag assembly, PCR
> primer and oligo design...it is also CHEAP ($260 or so).  Works well
> under Win 3.1 and is LIGHTNING fast on even long sequence multiple
> alignments.  Also does shading of alignments (another perennial q).
> --

Here is the address of Lynnon BioSoft:

Lynnon BioSoft
88, rue Adam
Vaudreuil, Quebec
Canada J7V 8P5

Tel: (514) 455-4894
Fax: (514) 455-4269

email:     mail at lynnon.qc.ca
support:   support at lynnon.qc.ca

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