Restriction Enzymes in DNA Strider?

Jim Woodgett jwoodget at oci.utoronto.ca
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> > Dear DNA Strider Users: 
> > I use the above software for some sequence processing, and I think it's 
> > simple but very good software.  The only one thing I'm not satisfied 
> > with it is that it would not allow custom restriction by a selected set 
> > of REs. 
> If you hold down the option key while choosing "Graphic map..." from the 
> menu "Enz", you can choose from the restriction enzymes in the file 
> RELibrary.RELibrary can be edited by a word processor (save as "Text 
> only"). Or is this not what you meant? 

The Option key also works with the "Digestion..." menu choice.  When the list 
of enzymes comes up (its a separate window) you can select as many enzymes as 
you want to cut with by holding the shift key down.  To deselect all, click on 
the space at the upper left of the listing.  You can also combine particular 
cutters with double, triple cutters etc with a button selection in the dialog 

Once you've chosen a selection of REs and displayed the map or digest, any 
subsequent maps/digests of other sequences will also use the same selection 
unless you reselect the REs or quit/restart the application.

All this is in the manual.

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