Another Mac Multiple Alignment Program

Andrew Rambaut andrew.rambaut at zoology.ox.ac.uk
Fri Feb 7 11:38:43 EST 1997

I have written a multiple alignment editor for my own use due to
frustration about what was available so far. I use the current
version all the time and find it very useful. I think its best
feature is the ability to translate in real time from DNA to
amino acids whilst editing the alignment. Thus any changes you
make whilst looking at the AAs are actually made to the underlying
DNA sequences. There are loads of bugs and loads of features
still to be implemented. The manual is only half written. At
present I have no time to complete the project but if anyone
would like to take a look and try it out:


This is a FAT binary. Please, see what you think and get back to
me. I will try and help with any problems.

  Andrew Rambaut,                                          
  Zoology Department,       EMAIL - Andrew.Rambaut at zoology.ox.ac.uk
  University of Oxford,  
  South Parks Road, Oxford, England.        

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