Restriction Enzymes in DNA Strider?

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Tue Feb 4 15:01:03 EST 1997

Dear Chung:
       DNA Strider has the function for you to select a set of enzymes.
Just hold the "Option" and select the "graphic Map" within the "Enz".
Then, select the enzyme names (by hold "shift" to do multiple selection).
Try it.

Tian-Jian Chen
Fellow in Clinic Molecular Genetics

In article <nc1-0402971130080001 at phanes94.mc.duke.edu>, nc1 at acpub.duke.edu
(Namjin Chung) wrote:

> Dear DNA Strider Users:
> I use the above software for some sequence processing, and I think it's
> simple but very good software.  The only one thing I'm not satisfied with
> it is that it would not allow custom restriction by a selected set of
> REs.  While MacVector allows you to cut DNA with the enzyme set you
> currently have, it is big and key-locked.
> Does anybody know how to solve this problem?  TIA.
> Namjin Chung, who knows little and asks a lot!
> Program in Molecular Cancer Biology
> Duke University Medical Center
> Durham, North Carolina

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