Oligonucleotide databases

K.James bss194 at thunder
Mon Feb 3 06:03:30 EST 1997

James Akowski (akowski at anl.gov) wrote:
: Hello,

: 	Does anyone know of software for cataloging/organizing
: oligonucleotides?  I want to start a database before the number of
: oligos in our lab gets too large.  We have Excel and QuatroPro but I do
: not wish to spend time learning these - I would appreciate any pointers
: to existing templates/front-ends for these programs or any other PC or
: Unix database software for oligonucleotides.

Being in the same position a year ago I wrote some VBA code in Excel to do
this. You are welcome to a copy if you want it. Its main limitations are
that it stores the details as a flat file within the spreadsheet, no
relational database this one! Also it has no special printout option to 
dump a search result to the printer.

It stores name, sequence, owner, design method, date etc. and maintains 
the list's integrity by indexing on the oligo name i.e. when you enter a 
new oligo it won't let you give it the same name as an existing one. It 
will also ensure certain information is entered. Data is entered using a 
dialog with dropdowns for designer, supplier, date and so on. Searching 
uses Excel's own search dialogs.

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