NEW software products?

. presspool at uni.mz.shuttle.de
Sat Dec 27 13:03:54 EST 1997

attn: software manufacturer

Dear professional software maker!
We are journalists working in the area of computer science and need actual
informations about new software products (Novell/ Windows/95-NT)  for our
press archive every time. Interested in new software products for
archivating and reviewing purposes. We are working for several colleagues
and publications in Europe.
One of our specialities is software for hospitals (clinical medicine), for
research, teaching and science. We collect, forward  and multiply to press
If you want, you can forward our request!
Yours sincerely
Union internationale de la presse
Association des journalistes europeens

Redaktionsbüro Dr. Maier, Schuster & Kollegen
scientific journalists
medical journalists
Pestalozzistr. 23
D-55283 Nierstein
presspool at uni.mz.shuttle.de
Fax: +49-6131-225587

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