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> Hello!

> I am looking for a Borland (Turbo) C/C++ compiler! Can anyone tell me
> where I can buy it?? (Or can anyone sell it to me??)

> Please mail me!

> Thank you

> Thommy

> p.s.: The compiler should not be older than 4 years!

Hi Thommy,

If you are in the UK, the complete and working Borland C++ version 
4.5 compiler was given away free with the October 97 issue of PC Plus 
magazine. It may be worth trying to see if they have some back 
numbers left. Their phone number is 01225 442244. Their web site is 


Garth Williams,
email: garth.williams at zetnet.co.uk
www:   http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/jgw.computing/

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