dumb PHYLIP problem

Joe Felsenstein joe at evolution.genetics.washington.edu
Thu Dec 25 00:55:11 EST 1997

In article <34A14948.6084 at t10.lanl.gov>,
Carla Kuiken  <kuiken at t10.lanl.gov> wrote:
>I have a treefile that DRAWGRAM doesn't have a problem with, but
>DRAWTREE chokes on consistently, both the PC WIndows (DOS error 2001)
>and the UNIX (bus error) version. I can't see anything wrong with the
>file. Any tips much appreciated! 

PHYLIP is _not_ dumb!    ;-)

Sounds mysterious.  If you show me the file, I can see if I can see
anything wrong with it.  I don't know what DOS error 2001 is (sounds
futuristic) but I seem to recall a "bus error" in Unix is some file
reading problem (you'd think it meant that there was a hardware problem
with the system bus, but no ...)

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