PCs and Macs?

Francois Jeanmougin pingouin at chouchen.u-strasbg.fr
Tue Dec 23 03:04:21 EST 1997

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> my humble opinion: *All* platforms are alive and well in biology. 
> I also second Joe's disclaimer:
>> DISCLAIMER. I do *not* think that this has anything to do with which system
>> is "best", or which people posting in this newsgroup should feel puffed up
>> about their superior choice of system, or their farsighted view of the
>> future of humanity. Nor will I discuss these.
> Personally, I use all three platforms ...

	Because I made a joke about "informated people", I have to 
second too (should I say third?).
I use all platforms (including various flavour of unix systems) and
phylip is available here for 600 users (just one download) nut used by
about 20 ;-).

	But I have to say that Linux........ is the cheapest ;-).

P.S.: I will probably find time to port TreeTool to the GimpTK so, this
will be available for unix only but solve several colour managing troubles.
Because Treeview is very powerfull on Mac, I think I wouldn't be wrong.
Any comments?
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