PCs and Macs?

Don Gilbert gilbertd at chipmunk.bio.indiana.edu
Thu Dec 18 22:07:08 EST 1997

IUBio archive at http://iubio.bio.indiana.edu/ is
a repository for biology software, search site for
GenBank and related sequence data, and archive of
bionet news (like this group).

IUBio archive's HTTP server logs information on browser
kind, including computing platform.  From the last 18 days
of logs I've pulled the following statistics of
computing platform representation.  Note there seem to
be two broad subcategories -- callers for bionet news which
are likely from the general public (or a subset of them),
and callers interested specifically in biological science
software and data.  

The bionet archive news calls mostly originate from general web searches 
(altavista, aol, excite, etc.) that are searches on topics related to the 
general public's ever present interest in sex, health, cooking and 
the like.

The other calls are for biology software, GenBank and related
biology data.  They generally don't originate from the
common web search sites.

Total HTTP server calls:   33983
Bionet news            :   13160     39% of total
   MS Windows browser: 10459  -- 80% of news 
   Macintosh browser :  1526  -- 12% of news
   XWindow browser   :   414  --  3% of news 
   remainder         :   716  --  5%
Biology software and data:  20836  61% of total
   MS Windows browser: 10302  -- 49% of biology 
   Macintosh browser :  5095  -- 25% of biology 
   XWindow browser   :  1679  --  8% of biology 
   remainder         :  3760  -- 18% 
This is a quick and dirty look at platform usage. 
Better sources of Internet usage by platform are available
elsewhere.  The remainder category includes robots
and software agents that don't identify a platform.

-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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