1 clone or full genome, TEST_SHOTGUN estimates sequencing project costs

mathog at seqaxp.bio.caltech.edu mathog at seqaxp.bio.caltech.edu
Fri Dec 19 11:51:33 EST 1997

TEST_SHOTGUN is a Fortran program which simulates shotgun sequencing

It is a handy tool for estimating not only how much work must be done (or
remains to be done) for a given project, but also how much it will cost.
If you have pretty accurate values for the cost of the various inputs
(clone isolation, primer synthesis, sequencing reaction, etc.) you can use
TEST_SHOTGUN to choose a sequencing strategy which will minimize the total
cost of the project. 

For more information, or to pick up the source code, see


As an example of general interest, I have run cost estimates for the
sequencing phase of the Human Genome Project using TEST_SHOTGUN.  There
is a link to this analysis from the URL listed above.


David Mathog
mathog at seqaxp.bio.caltech.edu
Manager, sequence analysis facility, biology division, Caltech 

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