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Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Wed Dec 17 19:23:40 EST 1997

After all these years I should know better than to join
in the "Platform Wars" (remember the "100 years War" from
history class?) but here goes:

Joseph J. Strout wrote:
> In article <677a3v$qb5$1 at cronkite.lanminds.com>, "John Monahan"
> <monahan at avigen.com> wrote:
> >Dont know about the percentages. What does it matter. This is the late 90's,
> >PC's are are on at least 95% of desktops out there. Current software is
> >converging towards W95/NT/DCOM/ActiveX/Java. The Mac blip has passed, lets
> >move on!
> Don't think so.  I've worked in three different biology labs, and all three
> still rely mainly on Macs.  That's because we're interested in doing
> science, not it wasting time trying to get our computers to work. 
Funny, that's exactly the argument that made me decide to 
dispense with PCs and Macs and run our lab entirely on 
a Unix platform via X-terminals. 

Oh, and ease of use was definitely a consideration.
Not to mention
 - lower total cost of ownership
 - Ease of writing and developing software
 - Flexibility
 - Speed
 - Accessibility of all data and all programs from any terminal

> they're considerably faster for the money (many Photoshop operations run
> 2-4 times faster on a 200 MHz PowerMac vs. a 200 MHz Pentium, for example),
> and have some important applications (such as NIH Image) which aren't
> available (or have only poor partial ports) for various flavors of Windows.

For ANY platform, you can point to apps that aren't available
(or worth using) on the competitor's platform.

> I'm of the philosophy that if something's better, one should use it.  I'll
> be using Macs until something better comes along, and Win95/NT are
> definately not it.

There is an alternative, and it's called network computing.
I haven't had a PC (or a Mac) in my office since 1990, and
I find nothing more frustrating than when I have to
go back to a PC platform (eg. to scan images on a departmental

However, there's no point in my arguing here, because I 
have an entire web site devoted to why I think network
computing is demonstrably better than the personal
computer model, with examples of how we have implemented
the model here. So come all ye who are interested to:


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