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Tom Chappell t.chappell at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Dec 17 09:25:48 EST 1997

In article <677a3v$qb5$1 at cronkite.lanminds.com>, "John Monahan"
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>Dont know about the percentages. What does it matter. This is the late 90's,
>PC's are are on at least 95% of desktops out there. Current software is
>converging towards W95/NT/DCOM/ActiveX/Java. The Mac blip has passed, lets
>move on!


I'm interested in your   W95/NT/DCOM/ActiveX/Java replacements for the
following Mac programs:

1) Gene Construction Kit --I know major drug companies that have failed in
their "no Macs" attempts over this one.
2) CELLQuest -- BD is the major supplier of  flow cytometry hardware,
software and reagents in the world--Mac hardware and software... 
3) Sequencer  and ABI instrument control -- virtually all DNA sequence in
the world is initially called with a Mac--and then goes to either Macs
(low volume work) or UNIX (high volume work)...

I'm willing to be converted, but I use GCK everyday, and have found
nothing even close available for Windows. As a minor starting point, GCK
is capable of searching my hard disk for DNA sequences, with matches based
on DNA matching rules.

I use Windows for microscope control and chromatography automation, but it
is just not anywhere close on Molecular Biology tools.

Tom Chappell
MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology
University College London

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