Caffeine......why is this nesgroup empty ??

Bill Coderre bc at wetware.com
Mon Dec 15 16:59:02 EST 1997

S.Kay1 at student.derby.ac.uk (susan Kay) wrote:
|  Where has everyone gone ?
|  Have you found a new caffeine high ?
|  When should you get worried as to how much caffeine you've had?
|  Is pro plus better than coffee ??
|  someone respond....
|  from susan
|  s.kay1 at student.derby.ac.uk

Hi Susan.

This group is currently not having many real people discussing things.
This is a normal occurrence.

This group is also getting tons of spam.

So, if you want content, then post some.

Bear in mind, though, that the FAQ answers a lot of peoples's questions.


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