Looking for an image analysis software

Richard.Rowe at jcu.edu.au Richard.Rowe at jcu.edu.au
Fri Dec 12 20:01:28 EST 1997

"Charlie Mantel" <cmante at topaz.iupui.edu> writes:

>Try doing a web search for a program called "Image Tool".  I found it
>somewhere,,,i cant rememeber,,,,and d/l for free trial,,,,it works great for
>Andrea Graziani wrote in message ...
>>I am looking for a software to do densitometry on gel images already taken
>>a camera and saved as TIFF files. I capture images from a agarose gel by a
>>Kodak camera, my problem is to quantify the bands, and I do not know how to

image tool can be found under:


it is a very nice piece of work and makes you appreciate dentists!


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