Harddisk recording

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Fri Dec 12 13:41:59 EST 1997

In article <348CA012.3789B331 at wtal.de>,
Ben <ben at wtal.de> wrote:

>I need to record 12 hours / 8000 Hz / 8 Bit / Mono with SB16.
>Where I can get software for that ? Who can help ?

If you can live with 11.025 Hz, you can use SoundSampler. It will deliver
450 MB of data rather than 345 in 8ooo Hz. Although it does up to 44kHz in
stereo at 16 bit, you can use the lower setting. You can even compress the
signal 1:6 with MACE, reducing your disk space needed to a humble 79 MB.
Soundsampler is shareware.


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