dotplot software (**FREE**)

Charlie Mantel cmante at topaz.iupui.edu
Thu Dec 11 20:47:23 EST 1997

Try going to the homepage of Scripps Inst.
There is a whole bunche of software available **FREE** at their site of flow
cytometry software links.  The one I use is WinMDI  (the mdi stands for
"multiple document interface"....and it works GREAT!!!  I use it every day.
It does 2d or 3d dotplots and also histograms.....just try it,,,you'll see.

Garry Myers wrote in message <348E2CE9.13350B0C at menzies.su.edu.au>...
>I'm looking for software to perform dotplots either on a Windows
>platform or SunOS4.1.3.  I'm aware of (and would like to use) Dotter
>(Unix) but can't get it compiled under 4.1.3 (does anyone has a 4.1.3
>binary?).  I use compare + dotplot under GCG v8.1 currently but wish to
>run something locally.


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