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Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Thu Dec 11 13:21:31 EST 1997

Garry Myers wrote:
> I'm looking for software to perform dotplots either on a Windows
> platform or SunOS4.1.3.  I'm aware of (and would like to use) Dotter
> (Unix) but can't get it compiled under 4.1.3 (does anyone has a 4.1.3
> binary?).  I use compare + dotplot under GCG v8.1 currently but wish to
> run something locally.

> Garry Myers
> Molecular Genetics Unit
> Menzies School of Health Research Australia

The matrix similarity search programs  from the FSAP package
will do what you want. The matrix is printed with characters,
rather than high-resolution graphics. This has two advantages:
1) output can be printed on any printer
2) a character scoring scheme, originated by Jim Ostell,
gives you more information than dots do. 

Most FSAP programs can be run from GDE. 

SUN Solaris executables, as well as C source code, are available.

You find out more about the FSAP package at


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