POP2: an ASN.1 to SYBASE converter/population tool

Nicolas Brossard brossard at bch.umontreal.ca
Mon Dec 1 14:18:04 EST 1997

     Announcing "pop2", an ASN.1 to SYBASE converter/population tool.

    pop2 is a tool that can be used to parse one or many ASN.1
value-format records, extract information from them and then insert
it in the tables of a SYBASE SQL server. The tool is fully configurable
in all aspects related to getting the ASN.1 records, extracting the
relevant information from different fields in the records and sending
the necessary SQL insert commands to the SYBASE server. The user of
the program has to write a few subroutines to open, close and get the
records from the ASN.1 data source but this is made easy since
subroutines templates and examples are supplied with the distribution.

    a) A perl 5.001 interpreter or better
       (Available at http://www.perl.com)
    b) A SYBASE server version 10 or better
    c) The sybperl module
       (Available by searching the CPAN archives; a good
        starting point is also http://www.perl.com)
    e) Someone with perl programming expertise.

    pop2 can be obtained at the following FTP site:


    You can reach the designers for help or more information by
writing to gobase at megasun.bch.umontreal.ca

Nicolas Brossard, for the GOBASE project


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