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plxsrt at pln1.nott.ac.uk plxsrt at pln1.nott.ac.uk
Mon Dec 1 13:05:13 EST 1997

>Does anyone know how I can get hold of this software? It looks very good
>and the site says that it is free, but the link to try and download it
>from the site doesn't seem to work. I've tried e-mailing the "report
>problems" mail address, but haven't had a reply.

>Anyone got any ideas? Or got it on another FTP site?

>Many thanks,

>	Brian Rous

The way they've set the site up is rather confusing.  You have to
e-mail then telling them you have a problem, after which you'll be
asked  to send your details and after that you'll get the download

Simon T

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