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Alexander Garcia Castro agarcia at ACCEFYN.ORG.CO
Sun Aug 31 12:27:43 EST 1997

Dear all: I am going to be at a little town near Edimbourgh for about
four months, I would like to know if there is some of you arround there
so I can get in touch with, I have worked in computational data
analisis, well here goes my CV, I am not looking for a formal job, I
just want not to be out for so long, well if any of you would like me t=
get in touch please mail me, I will be traveling september the 20th,
thanks a lot and hope someone be interested.=20


Personal Information

Name :	 		Alexander Garcia Castro
From:		 	Colombia, South America
Status:    		unmarried
ID (CC) : 		#79522221 from  Bogot=E1
Address : 		Carrera 51a # 173-40
Phone number:	6729301
E-Mail :		 agarcia at accefyn.org.co
Languages: 		Spanish and English.


=B7 Junior School: Colegio Anglo Americano, Bogot=E1.
=B7 High school: Colegio San Viator, Liceo de Londres, Bogot=E1.
=B7 University:
=B7 Computing engineering, 3 semesters, Universidad de los Andes, Bogot=
=B7 Pharmacy, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 8th semester since 1992=
=B7 Goethe Institute, Germany. Since 1994  GIIb level
=B7 Analysis and interpretation of IR spectrum., Unal. Col. Bogot=E1
=B7 Chromatography techniques, Unal. Col. Bogot=E1. 1994/2
=B7 HPLC, Unal. Col. Bogota. 1994/2
=B7 Basic handling of FORTRAN 99 Compilator on IBM PS2  U. Nal. Col
=B7 PCR technics, handling of bone DNA samples, from the bone sample to
the DNA extraction, PCR for ancient DNA samples. Genetic Institute of
the National University of Colombia, 1996
=B7 FISH analysis
Handling of Informatical  Resources
=B7 UNIX operating  system 2, basic level. On SUN spark, IBM AIX 3.1 an=
Linux and FreeBSD .
=B7 Basic JAVA and CGI Programming. advanced HTML,  Medium level of  C+=
Mendel, Biosys, DNA Star, Phylip, GenBank software, Blast, Clustal,
Entrenz, Cyrillic, Nucleic Acids DataBase (ndbserver.rutgers.edu),
PROPSEARCH, Internet www client resources on molecular biologycal
=B7  TCP/IP advanced knolowdge, Intranet developer.

Working experience:

=B7 Computing services Unit . Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Col.
Bogot=E1, 1994/1 - 1995/2, Webmaster . From 1994/Y  to 1995/I
=B7 United Nations Org., 1995/1 Internet Advisor.
=B7 Colombian Academy of Sciences.. Webmaster . Since 1996/II, speciali=
database developer.
=B7 Genetic Institute. Unal. Col. Bogot=E1, since 1995/2- Research
Assistant. Since 1995
=B7 Journal "El Tiempo", Computer Section. Sporadic Writer.
=B7 Pharmacy department, U.Nal.Col database developer for the medicinal
plants project, a retrospective study of all the investigations in
medicinal plants in Pharmacy department of the University.
=B7 Carvajal Telecommunications., Internet and Intranet Advisor.


9th International Congress of human genetics. Sao Pablo. August, 1996

12th International histocompatibility workshop and conference. March ,

=B7 MHC DQB1 Allele frequencies  in Colombian population. Yunis JJ.,
Suarez A., Ossa H., Garcia A. And Yunis E.
=B7 Use in DNA Typing in two kidnapping cases in Colombia, a case repor=
Yunis JJ., SuarezA., Ossa H., Garcia A. And Yunis E.
=B7 Analysis and relationship  of 16 Colombian Amerindians tribes based=
blood typing.Yunis JJ., SuarezA., Ossa H., del la Hoz H., Castro D.,
Galvis C., Garcia A. And Yunis E.
=B7 MHC DQA1 Allele frequencies in Colombian population. Yunis JJ.,
SuarezA., Ossa H., Garcia A. And Yunis E

Acepted undergraduated thesis work

=B7 Thesis project : "The search for  correlation  and biological meani=
of long sequences of DNA, a complex systems approach".=20

References :

Dr. Juan J. Yunis, Genetic Institute, National University of Colombia.
Jyunis at bacata.usc.unal.edu.co

Jose Lozano, Colombian Academy of Sciences, jlozano at cociencias.gov.co

Dr. Efrain Ramirez Zapata, National University of Colombia,
eramirez at bacata.usc.unal.edu.co

Jesus A. Berdugo, Fertil-Genetics, jberdugo at latino.net.co

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