computer problem

Dennison Moore moored at hopper
Wed Aug 27 09:34:53 EST 1997

Dear Mr. Shaw, 
	Before I upgraded my computer to win95 I had the same problems 
that you are having. I talked with my friend and he suggested to me to 
get more RAM memory since it so cheap now and to try QEMM. After trying 
this I had only one occurence of the problem again but that was when I 
tried to load a huge file game otherwise everything ran perfect. If and 
when you look for RAM, EDO RAM is better because it runs programs faster 
and should cost the same as conventional RAM. The prices that I have seen 
are about $99 - $119 for 16MB RAM.
	As for the rogue directories triy going into program manager and 
deleting them from there. You may also want to defragment your harddrive 
which is done by going to the dos prompt and typing in DEFRAG and then 
hit the enter key and follow the on-screen prompts
 On Wed, 27 Aug 1997 crosley at tcp.co.uk wrote:

>      27/Aug/97
>      Can anyone help with the following problems.
>      1. Sometimes my computer 'freezes' and I have to reboot. I
>      then find I have some rogue directories which I cannot
>      delete. I have managed to eliminate them in the past but   
>      by chance and cannot remember how and can't with the       
>      present ones. Can I delete these without reformatting the  
>       disk?
>      2. When I run windows (3.1) I have been getting the        
>      message 'not enough memory to run this application', but I 
>      can still run programs. It still occurs if I remove some
>      'applications'. I have run Memmaker, but it does not cure
>      this problem.
>      I have Windows 3.1 (not 95), a Pentium 1.33, 1.2Gb disk    
>      and 8Mb RAM. I have Diskdoctor and Winchekit. Any          
>      suggestions gratefully received. John Shaw.

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