Unix/X ABI Trace viewer needed

James Bonfield jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Wed Aug 27 03:21:07 EST 1997

In article <snkn2m49xk8.fsf at dna.bms.com> siemers at bms.com writes:
>It seems that the Applied Biosystems sequencing chromatogram viewer
>"ted" has disappeared from the genome.wustl.edu ftp site.  Not that I
>was in love with it, but I know of no other simple chromatogram viewer
>for unix/x.  Are there others to look into?  Perhaps someone is
>working on a Java slowution? 

There are Java solutions available for reading SCF data, but I'm
unsure of whether they handle ABI files. They're also (currently)
considerably slower.

Fortunately, the sequal to ted is available; trev. It handles ABI, ALF
(but not the new compressed version), and both version 2 and
(compressed) version 3 SCF files. Note that ted didn't handle newer
SCF files. The interface is also greatly improved, and it now also
runs under Windows 95 and Windows NT.

For documentation on trev see:


To download UNIX or PC versions see:


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