heme group visualization/cuantification

Reto Koradi kor at mol.biol.ethz.ch
Tue Aug 26 03:10:43 EST 1997

Alejandro Mujica wrote:
> is there any application capable of clearly visualize an hemo
> group sorrounded by its protein from a PDB file and to measure
> -one by one- the distances betwen all the atoms of the heme
> group and all of the protein's atoms involved in the interaction
> with it?

Ok, since Andrew also plugged his work, here is my recommendation:


With MOLMOL, you don't even need a macro, you can get a list of
all distances smaller than a given cutoff with a single command
(CalcDist). Optionally the distances will also be displayed in the
Reto Koradi (kor at mol.biol.ethz.ch, http://www.mol.biol.ethz.ch/~kor)

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