Protein structure predcition program DSC

Tom Walsh tpwalsh at acer.gen.tcd.ie
Thu Aug 21 08:43:19 EST 1997

In article <5t9gam$khv$1 at stc06.ctd.ornl.gov>,
X. Guan <gux at mars.ornl.gov> wrote:
>Could anyone tell me where we can get the public domain software 
>DSC which is a Protein structure predcition program. 
>DSC was a participant in CASP2.

  The program was developed by Mike Sternberg's group at the ICRF in London.
They have a web site: http://bonsai.lif.icnet.uk/bmm/dsc/dsc_form_align.html

 and you can ftp the source code from ftp://ftp.icnet.uk/pub/bmm/king/dsc/

 I've used it for predicting Ig domain secondary structure. It's very fast
and gives similar results to PHD.
    You're welcome.

              Tom Walsh

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