Genome Navigator: E. coli

Andrei Grigoriev andy at NOSPAM.rag3.RZ-Berlin.MPG.DE
Mon Aug 18 15:32:49 EST 1997

Genome Navigator now includes E. coli genome


E. coli Genome Navigator is a WWW-based visual interactive display and
resource for the complete E. coli genome. It graphically displays coding
sequences and other genome elements by functional category and allows
to browse the genome and query external data sources about any of these

The primary source of data is the GenBank flat file from the E. coli
Center. Bacterial functional categories are taken from the PEDANT server

The genome is displayed using DerBrowser, a Java applet, used at the
Navigator site to display other genomes (currently human, mouse and

This applet, designed as a universal tool to display and navigate
various types of
maps, among other features allows a user to query external databases
about any
map object. The list of data sources currently includes: SRS, SWISS-PROT
ENZYME at Expasy server, E. coli data at NCBI, PEDANT, DBGET/LinkDB
and LIGAND at GenomeNet, EcoCyc at SRI International, as well as CGSC:
E.coli Genetic Stock Center.

This flexible system not only provides positional view of any genomic
region, but
also allows for easy and transparent access to structural, functional,
pathway and E. coli strain information.

Andrei Grigoriev
Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics,
Ihnestr. 73, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem, Germany

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