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Martin J. Gallagher marty at ionchannel.med.harvard.edu
Mon Aug 11 12:40:24 EST 1997


   I have a years worth of journal articles that I need to enter into my
bibliography program.  I would like to avoid typing all this information. 
Is there a way to make a script to search medline in batch to do this
tedious job for me?  Could I (for instance) make a list of first authors
and publication years and get back a list with complete author lists,
artilce titles, journal titles, etc.?  Searching Medline for each artlcle
one by one (using OVID) would probably take as long as typing in each
artilce's information individually, but an automated script would
certainly make it worthwhile.  I have access to PC, Mac, and UNIX systems
with full internet connections.


Martin Gallagher

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