Request: advice on software tools in demand

Murugathas Yuwaraj yuwaraj at ecf.toronto.edu
Fri Aug 8 10:23:06 EST 1997

Please note that I am posting this on behalf of a friend of mine.
Kindly direct responses either to the news group or to the
address indicated below. Thank you.

I recently received my Masters degree in Molecular Biology from
University of Toronto. I am interested in familiarizing myself
with some commonly used Molecular biology software tools.
I intend to learn some of these tools so that I can be a viable
candidate for research positions in biotech/bioinformatics firms.
Could you kindly suggest a list of some of these tools and their
utility? Please note that I am well versed in MSWindows and UNIX,
so the operating system is not an issue.

I would also appreciate if you could list some Institutions that
would offer training in these tools (or Web pages with on-line
To aid you further in your suggestions, I list below some of my
technical skills.

Molecular Biology Techniques:
PCR, DNA sequencing, expression cDNA library screening, tissue culture, Western/Northern/Southern blotting, immunoprecipitation, in situ hybridization, monoclonal antibody production and purification, and immunohistochemistry.

Computer Skills:
Windows NT, Windows95, User level UNIX,
MSWord, Excel and PowerPoint.  

Thank you kindly,
Subo Pera  (subodini.perampalam at utoronto.ca)

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