Thrombin/Hirudin: Rate constants determined by DYNAFIT

Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at biokin.com
Tue Aug 5 02:28:36 EST 1997

This is a message to all users of the freeware program DYNAFIT
August 4, 1997


   A new online tutorial was added: Determination of rate constants  for
the simultaneous, competitive binding of thrombin and its chemical
mutant (dehydrothrombin) to hirudin.  Everyone is encouraged to compare
the approach described on the BioKin website [1] with the original paper
from Scheraga's laboratory at Cornell [2].

   Since I am planning to submit the re-analysis of the thrombin data as
a journal article, any comments, criticisms, and suggestions for
improvements are welcome.  Please take a look at the original report [1]
and observe the spectacular complexity of the algebraic approach: 97
equations and three appendices in ref. [1], compared with the DYNAFIT
[2] formalism:


   Enzyme + Ligand <===> Complex-1  :   k1   k2
   Mutant + Ligand <===> Complex-2  :   k3   k4


[1] Wedemeyer et al. (1997) Anal. Biochem. 248, 130-140.
[2] http://www.biokin.com/dynafit/tutorial/thrompap.shtml

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