don't follow link in nisibori Free Software ?

Gary Sheldon Thompson garyt at bmb.leeds.ac.uk
Mon Aug 4 04:30:00 EST 1997

The following message has appeared on the news group bionet.software:

I have been told there is free software at
anyone know anything about this offer?


Now amongst other things bionet.software is for the distribution of free
academic software for biological research, however when i followed the
link in the mail message I recieved the following web page:

your access from bmbsgi14.leeds.ac.uk [] has been
this log can and will be used against you.

previous offenders (now under investigation by several

bmbsgi14.leeds.ac.uk []
>>> many more name deleted 

end of message

This is rather offensive as I am 'a ordinary citizen going about his
business'  and I am posting this message to bionet.software and my
system administrator will recieve a followup as well

your sinceerely 

gary thompson

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