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Andy Phillips andy.phillips at bbsrc.ac.uk
Fri Aug 1 09:18:26 EST 1997

> Simon Twigger <simont at post.its.mcw.edu> writes:
> >
> > Hi there,
> >
> > I was wondering if there is any software/scripts out there that will run
> > a database search of the usual databases (GenBank, SwissProt etc.)
> > automatically. The idea being that you dont have to rerun your favourite
> > search criteria every week, the script does it for you and tells you if
> > anything new has arrived.
> >

I use the Sequence Alerting service at EMBLK-Heidelberg. 

A quote from the server:

     "The sequence alerting system in its present form will search
     each day in several databases for news on (homologues of)
     "your" sequence and will inform you by email if it has
     detected a new relative.

     DNA and protein sequences are accepted as query, but only
     protein databases are screened. You can specify some
     parameters of the searches in order to optimise it for your
     particular problem."

I have about six sequences set up to run each day, and get email if
are any hits.


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