Molecular Modelling software?

Ingmar Reuter ire at GBF-Braunschweig.DE
Fri Aug 1 07:22:17 EST 1997

At 16:03 25.07.97 GMT, you wrote:
>It's pretty simple. I work in a Pharmacology department, and my life would
>immesurably easier if I had access to some sort of moelcular modelling 
>program. Occasionally I design drugs, and occasionally do drug/protein 
>interaction studies. But, my boss won't spring the major dollars for a 
>modelling program. Understandable really.
>Now, if there is a share/freeware modelling program out there that will alow 
>me to construct/piece together molecules from individual atoms (it would be 
>nice if I could rotate them as well, but I'm not expecting this from 
>share/freeware) that would be fantastic. I'm pretty sure I could then
>my boss of the utility of a commercial purchase.
>If anyone has any info/programs, please email me or respond publicly.
>Thank You

You could try WebLab Viewer from MSI:

Here is what they write on their web page:

WebLab Viewer 2.0 is out!

The new version of WebLab Viewer has been released for Windows 95, Windows
NT, and Power Macintosh.
It includes numerous new features and impovements:

Property mapping onto surfaces (electrostatics, charges) 
Side-by-side Stereo and Fullscreen views 
Improved 2D to 3D conversion from ISIS and ChemDraw 
High quality OpenGL graphics on the Macintosh 
Improved crystal and periodic cell display 
Ability to open URL files across the net 
Better selection and grouping capability 
Additional input and output file formats 
Additional dynamic monitors (hydrogen bond and bump monitors) 
Improved VRML graphics output 
Miscellaneous bug fixes 

Hope this helps,

Ingmar Reuter
ire at gbf.de

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