SOCM 1kc8 at calweb.com
Sat Apr 26 12:46:18 EST 1997

Hello, I have 3 pieces of software for sale. If anyone is interested please
e-mail me, I don't regularly read these newsgroups, with any questions. I
am asking for best offer on all of these.  You may make an offer on one or
as a group of one or more.  When you e-mail please specify the item(s) you
would like to make an offer on or Enquirer about.

1) 	MS Money 97 - same as above. For win 95
2) 	McAfee Smartstor - this one is "brand new" in the box still
shrink-wrapped!! For win 95
3) 	Remove-it, from Vertisoft - this is the win 3.1 disks, never been used.
No manuals, box, ect.  

If you are interested please e-mail with questions or offer. Please
remember when you present an offer I will pay shipping ( within USA only! )

Thank you!

1kc8 at calweb.com

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