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Garth Williams garth.williams at zetnet.co.uk
Wed Apr 30 17:04:18 EST 1997

QC-Record is a menu-driven program that provides a specialised 
environment for handling all quality control storage needs.  It 
incorporates facilities to store QC data, which can be reviewed in 
graphical form or as pure data, on screen or as hard copy.  Easy to 
set up, but at the same time very configurable, the program offers 
the opportunity for the user to define their own quality control 
rules, although it is supplied as standard with rules based on 
criteria proposed by Westgard and associates (A Multi-Rule Shewart 
Chart for Quality Control in Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Chemistry 
vol 27, pp 493-500, 1981).  Hardware requirements are low, and it 
will run as a stand-alone package, or across a computer network.

The main features of QC-Record are:

*  Immediate analysis of input data by user-defined rules
*  Will recall, edit, display, summarise and print stored QC results 
*  Calculates mean and SD for any defined period
*  Stores running mean and SD on stored data
*  Stores changes in reagents and/or standards
*  User-definable data ranges
*  User-definable program configuration (colours, printers, etc.)
*  User-definable tests
*  Maintains audit trail of changes to QC database
*  Context-sensitive on-line help 
*  Backup, restore and archive of essential data
*  Password restriction of sensitive data
*  Uses Expanded and extended memory if available
*  Automatically network aware
*  Runs on most PC's from an 8086 upwards

For further information:

Visit http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/jgw.computing/ to download a demo program.

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