UV/Visible Chemstation by HP

Gilles Truan gilles at p450bm3.swmed.edu
Tue Apr 29 13:44:44 EST 1997

Lars Komorowski wrote:
> I am looking for a program that can extract single spectra from kinetic
> files (*.kd) produced by the UV/Visible Chemstation software coming with
> Hewlett Packard photometers.
> Lars Komorowski
> larskomo at physik.mu-luebeck.de
I believe the program you need is already in the set of programs
distributed by HP. If you have recorded a kinetic file (.mkd) with the
entire spectra, you should be able to extract each spectra that was
saved during the kinetic.

If you have the DOS HP-UV version, in the Kinetic program, F7 gives you
a screen, select extract .wav files from .mkd, and then follow the
questions. Don't forget to type the entire path at each question!!!!

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