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Dr. Peter Gegenheimer PGegen at kuhub.cc.ukans.edu
Fri Apr 25 19:40:41 EST 1997

In <5jgdk3$9na$3 at sparcserver.lrz-muenchen.de>, salger at wap1.zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de (Klaus Salger) writes:
>Reinhard Windoffer (windoff at mail.uni-mainz.de) wrote:
>: Hi,
>: I´m looking after software(preferably free software) helping me in
>: handling cloning operations, drawing restriction maps and so on. It
>: would be fantastic if this program can even help me to chart existing
>: clones. Any information would be fine.
>: Kirsten
>I don't know of any free software that would do what you want. But have a
>look on Clone Manager from Scientific and Educational Software. It costs
>about 300 or 400$. You can get a test version. Here are the addresses:
>Mail:   PO Box 72045, Durham NC 27722-2045, USA
>Phone:  (919) 471-6064
>FAX:    (919) 471-0311
>Email:  sciedsoft at msn.com
>URL:    www.scied.com

This program is by far the best I have seen for any platform (though I haven't seen them _all_...). I've used it since its earliest DOS days, and now run the Win3.1 version under OS/2. The lead programmer is a former phage molecular biologist who is now an excellent C programmer and user-interface designer.

As an aside, it is _*RARE*_ that one will obtain something for nothing, or in this situation, the most professional software (in a large & competitive market) for nothing. One should expect a financial reward for excellence.

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