Solaris 2.x on a Pentium?

Chang Zhou czhou at womble.com
Wed Apr 23 19:35:19 EST 1997

Well, my suggestion is meant for those loyal Sun users
addicted since school years. The only complain I have
with Linux is the lack of solid software development tools.
GNU may be ok for some light work, but a lot of stuff is missing,
such as threads.  On the other hand, you could use both on
the same system, in addition to the Windows/NT.
--- Chang

Jennifer Steinbachs wrote:
> Chang Zhou wrote:
> >
> <snip>
> > >
> > It virtually the same, I'm referring to Solaris-2.5-x86,
> > except the different binaries, and very stable as well,
> > never have once crushed unexpectedly.  Even though you have
> > to pay $500 to $1000 for one license, but for those unix lovers
> > it worths all the money.  With PP-200 plus enough cheap RAM
> > and SCSI disk space, it seems to perform better than Ultra-1,
> > and at a substantially lower price.
> Solaris 2.5 x86 may be stable, but Linux (esp. RedHat) is much
> more stable, has much more documentation, and is FREE :)
> We had Solaris x86 on our machine at home, but recently ended up
> wiping it off and replacing it with Linux.  Until Sol. x86 is
> more supported and more documented, we'll be using Linux on the
> Intel machines, and keeping Solaris on the Sparc machine at work.
> -jennifer

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