MulFold (Mac), RNA secondary structure predictor update

Don Gilbert gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu
Tue Apr 22 16:57:49 EST 1997

       MFOLD - Prediction of RNA secondary structure by free energy 
             - Version 2.0 
             - Michael Zuker and John Jaeger 

A dynamic programming algorithm is used to find optimal and
suboptimal foldings of an RNA molecule starting from linear sequence

For a Macintosh version of MFOLD, see

There have been requests over the years for a version of 
this Macintosh release of MulFold that will handle more than
300 bases.  In 1990 when this first Mac MulFold was released,
the 1 megabyte of memory that it took for 300 bases was
a lot.  In recent years, lack of a Mac Fortran compiler has
kept me from recompiling this with a greater base limit.
Thanks to the FlyBase project for recently purchasing such a 
Fortran compiler, I have now recompiled MulFold for PowerMac
users, at levels of 
	300 bases  (mulfold.300, 1 MB memory), 
	600 bases  (mulfold.600, 6 MB memory), 
	1200 bases (mulfold.1200, 12 MB memory)
	2400 bases (mulfold.2400, 36 MB memory)

Please note that the time it takes to analyze a
large structure increases with the cube of the number of
bases -- a 1200 base molecule will take a long time (I haven't
tested it).

-- Don Gilbert
software at bio.indiana.edu

-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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